BiTuBi 2014 Conference

BiTuBi 2014 Congo

This is the first edition of BITUBI 2014?

The BITUBI Expo 2014 was held for the first time in 2005.

Since then, 8 trade shows have been held under this label, including one in 2010 in Lubumbashi.

You can visit the photo albums of the previous editions HERE.

Who will build my stand?

The stand will be set up by the BITUBI 2014 team, it is included in the price of the “Modular stand 9m2 type CLASSIC (see our prices attached).

You will have at your disposal a rental space including:

1 arbor-type structure (300 x 300 cms on the ground)

1 advertising FLEX color banner (290×180 cms) with your logo

1 lighting, 1 multi-plug 220 volts.

In summary, when you arrive on Monday afternoon, all you have to do is decorate your stand to welcome visitors.

What should I prepare to exhibit at BITUBI?

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Indispensables: Presentation leaflets, leaflets, business cards.

Optional but effective: displays, flags, flat screen, corporate video, advertising gifts, fun animation.

The team of BITUBI 2014 is at your disposal to advise you in the development of your stand.

Or find out about local subcontractors to manufacture your advertising equipment.

What do I have to do to register and have a booth at BITUBI 2014?

It’s easy. Examine our price list and decide how many stands of 9m2 you need to exhibit.


A free map on the map everywhere you go, you can count on us for all you need.

To make the best choice, a BITUBI 2014 sales representative can best guide you based on availability, the competitive environment and your budget.

This presents the History of Norway to the reader, with an emphasis on the events of the twentieth century, and their interpretations, especially those related to the construction of the welfare state.

They are used as a base book for Norwegian universities and colleges.

For this edition, the author wrote a Prologue with the synthesis of the period between the Vikings and national independence, and a Post-writing in order to point out the sociopolitical evolution and trends that are occurring in Norwegian society at the beginning of the 21st century.

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